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By Serge HaziyevNov 30, 2022
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Leveraging Legacy: How Companies Can Innovate Themselves Into a Sustainable Future

Can you harmonize sustainability and business fundamentals? Data analytics and AI make it possible.

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By Serge Haziyev, Taras Bachynskyy, Lyubomyr DemkivFeb 21, 2022
Business AnalysisData & AnalyticsIoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLSoftware DevelopmentSupply Chain

The Rise of Digital Twins

Previously expensive and available only to space programs at NASA, now digital twins, powered by modern technologies, promise a giant leap for a reasonable cost.

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By Halyna Semenova, Serge HaziyevAug 11, 2020
Software Development

Bridging the Disconnect in Software Development

Engagement Models for Digital Projects, Partnerships, and Alliances.

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By Serge HaziyevAug 22, 2018
Data & AnalyticsSoftware Development

To Advance or Defend, That Is the Question 

Dat a value strategy is entirely dependent on the company.

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By Serge HaziyevAug 13, 2018
Data & AnalyticsSoftware Development

The Ants go Marching On

How prioritization and collaboration are essential to data value strategy

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By Serge HaziyevApr 11, 2018
R&DSoftware Development

AI: Today and Tomorrow

Cutting-edge applications for AI both today and in the near future.

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By Serge HaziyevMar 27, 2018
Software Development

Science-Fiction Reality

How technology is allowing science fiction to become more and more real

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By Serge Haziyev, Iurii MilovanovJan 19, 2018
Data & Analytics

Big Data Maturity: Where Are You in the Journey?

SoftServe’s Big Data experts Serge Haziyev and Iurii Milovanov explain the Big Data maturity model.

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By Serge HaziyevJan 03, 2017
Innovation Platform

Digital Resolutions for a Disruptive New Year

Here's how your enterprise organization can take a broader, deeper, and more thorough approach to digital transformation.

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By Serge HaziyevDec 20, 2016
Innovation Platform

5 Trends to Watch in 2017

Learn how Design Thinking, digital platforms, VR, blockchain, and AI will transform industries in the new year.

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