Case StudyMar 19, 2020
Financial Services

Empowering Digital Banking Presence with Kony Platforms

Kony selected SoftServe to lead the implementation of Infinity DBX platform for one of its bank customers in the Middle East.

WhitepaperMar 19, 2020

Quiz: How Does Your Data Strategy Plan Compare to Other Healthcare Companies?

The Decade of Data is here, but have you assessed how your company will use data moving forward? Take this data strategy and governance quiz to find out how you compare to other competing companies.

WebinarMar 16, 2020

Deliver an ML Solution in Days with AWS SageMaker

Best practices in building large-scale ML systems on Amazon SageMaker.

Case StudyMar 15, 2020

GCP Solutions Optimize Drill/Blast and Rock Hauling Processes for Mining and Mineral Development Leader

The mining industry has not changed significantly since the 1950s, so our client needed to optimize processes and reduce costs in the drill and blast and hauling stages.

DemoMar 13, 2020
Financial Services

Fractional Investment

The new standard in brokerage space.

DemoMar 10, 2020

VR Gym: Virtual Reality for Immersive Training Process

Our VR boxing training solution is an example of how users can engage — virtually — with real-life fitness equipment in an environment of their choice.

WhitepaperMar 09, 2020

Driving the Decade of Data: Healthcare Trends 2020

Payer and provider groups then began combining to offer new innovative care options, while life science professionals experienced a surge in treatment advancements.

DemoMar 08, 2020
Energy, Oil & Gas

AI-Powered Lithofacies Prediction

Geophysical Data Interpretation Solution

WhitepaperMar 05, 2020

Transforming Retail Data Siloes Into Insights

Learn how to break down data siloes for operational efficiency

Case StudyMar 05, 2020

Non-profit Organization Implements a New Website to Raise Awareness Around Environmental and Humanitarian Causes Using Sitecore

Sitecore Experience Platform enabled our client to easily create, better manage and distribute content, analyze performance, and gather external donations to support their causes.