ESG Data & Tech Summit 2023


May 11, 2023


London, UK


In-Person Event


America Square Conference Centre, London


The agenda will consider what your organisation needs to do from a data and technology perspective to meet the regulatory, data management and reporting challenges on your journey to net-zero. It will also cover the ‘Social’ and ‘Governance’ of ESG, and dive into the challenges of managing and measuring biodiversity and supply chain risks.

Consumers increasingly demand environmental, social, and corporate governance from their investment options. In fact, 83% of consumers think companies should take an active role in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment practices. How can financial institutions meet this expectation and use the large volume of available ESG data to provide relevant and vetted investment recommendations?

Join us at the ESG Data & Tech Summit on 11 May 2023, at the America Square Conference Centre in London, UK to meet our team and discuss your data needs. Listen to our industry expert Ankit Jain take part in a panel at 2:40 pm to discuss: “Modernising data infrastructure to enable accessible ESG data and analytics insight.

Our SoftServe experts will be available throughout the day to answer any questions you have regarding your most important challenges about how to quantify ESG data.

Can’t meet with us at the ESG Data and Tech Summit? Contact us to speak with an expert and learn how to apply new analytics and drive deeper insights from your enterprise data to support your corporate sustainability goals.

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