Unlocking Industry 4.0: Modern Manufacturing in Malaysia


Nov 29, 2023




Digital Event


2pm - 3:30pm SGT


The unveiling of Malaysia's 2024 National Budget marks a pivotal moment for the manufacturing sector, emphasizing the need for a strategy-led transformation. This is not just about adopting new technologies; it's about aligning your business objectives with a national vision geared towards global competitiveness and sustainability. The budget's focus on technology-driven manufacturing serves as a call-to-action for companies to invest in innovation, not as an end in itself, but as a means to achieve strategic imperatives. The objective is clear: to position Malaysia's manufacturing sector on the global stage, competing not just on cost but on value. But what does this mean for Malaysian manufacturers?

Unlocking Business Value in Malaysian Manufacturing with Industry 4.0 This puts Industry 4.0 at the forefront of Malaysia's manufacturing future. The call is not just for technological adaptation but for a strategic revamp that boosts your business value. By integrating key technologies like IoT, Big Data, AI/ML for Quality Inspection, Energy Optimization and technology enablement will help accelerate Malaysian manufacturers to be more globally competitive and ensure that operations are more agile, cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable. Therefore, working and investing with strategic partner ecosystem in this interconnected environment is crucial and it will lay the foundation for a future-ready, high-value business model.

Modern Manufacturing in Malaysia

Driving Business Value in Malaysia's Manufacturing Sector Business-Value Driven Transformation Journey SoftServe is uniquely positioned to catalyze this transition. Our solutions are designed to deliver measurable ROI in a manufacturing context—reducing waste, optimizing energy consumption, enhancing product quality, and ultimately increasing profitability. We work alongside with global manufacturers to translate strategic imperatives into actionable business value, thereby seizing new market opportunities and gearing up for future challenges.

Key Takeaways: Future-Proofing Your Manufacturing Business in Malaysia Join FMM and SoftServe as we discuss how technology can help achieve your business aspirations and propel your operations to prepare you for the future. You will leave with practical insights on technology-enabled forward looking manufacturing setup, gain insights to strategically invest in your technology roadmap to uncover the untapped business values during your transformation journey. All of this, while keeping in line with the initiatives set forth in Malaysia's 2024 National Budget.

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