SoftServe Lowers Big Data Development Costs by 25% with Jaspersoft

In its more than 20 years in business, SoftServe has delivered consulting and software development for over 2,500 projects for more than 150 global companies. Headquartered in Fort Myers, FL, with an award-winning software development group in th e Ukraine, the company is repeatedly recognized as a leader in the industry.


For each project, SoftServe assembles the optimal combination of technologies, platforms and approaches to achieve clients’ goals. When a well-known, global IT company turned to SoftServe to develop a network security solution, the requirements included advanced reporting that was capable of handling the massive amount of data the solution would collect.

“The log files from multiple intrusion prevention system (IPS) devices can produce huge throughput,” said Roman Kolodchak, manager of professional services at SoftServe. “Each device could generate 4,000 records per second, and potentially up to seven billion records per day.” With multiple dev

Business Challenge

SoftServe collaborated closely with its client to select a business intelligence (BI) solution for the security product. Jaspersoft rose to the top for its ability to meet the client’s very specific requirements for integration and performance:

Project Description

For integration with the security solution, the development team relied on Jaspersoft application programming interfaces (APIs). Jaspersoft APIs are designed for easy access, implementation and customization, giving the team significant flexibility as it integrated JasperReports Server with the SoftServe environment, including the user interface, the administration application, security platform, external single sign-on services and system health monitoring.

The client had requirements for a special input control to filter the data. Adding this custom control and integrating with standard controls was surprisingly easy; the end result was a seamless integration of both.

For data integration, the team relied on Jaspersoft ETL. Powered by Talend, Jaspersoft ETL scales to the highest levels of data volumes and process complexity. It allows developers to graphically design, schedule and execute data movements and transformations with an intuitive user interface and short learning curve.

Value Delivered

With JasperReports Server integrated with the network security solution, end users have a web-based, self-service BI tool that’s simple to use. They have both real-time and big-picture historical reporting to support rapid troubleshooting on infected computers or take proactive steps to prevent attacks in the future. They also easily pull the reporting they need to show internal and external auditors how the network is protected from the latest threats.

The Jaspersoft BI backend allows end users to choose from 35 pre-built reports to view in the dashboard or schedule to be emailed in the format they choose. Or, they can customize their reports based on existing templates. In turn, they can evaluate network attacks in any way they choose, such as by IPs, devices, geography and more.

The choice of Jaspersoft allowed SoftServe to deliver the performance its cli ent demanded in less time and for lower cost. With a convenient integrated development environment (IDE) for reports, SoftServe built the core resource model for the project ramp-up in just three weeks, instead of the expected seven weeks.

Comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality in Jaspersoft contributed to the project’s completion in just seven months with a team of 25 – lowering development costs by an estimated 25 percent.

  • Performance – Critically, Jaspersoft could process the results of queries on billions of records at a higher speed than other solutions.
  • Ease of integration – Broad use of web services simplifies integration and expedites development time.
  • Linux compatibility Jaspersoft provided the best fit on the Linux platform.
  • Open source – Jaspersoft was the most mature open source solution, allowing for easier integration and fast performance.
  • OLAP analysis – The Jaspersoft OLAP engine provides an interactive environment to analyze large data sets or perform complex analytic queries quickly.
  • Flexible reporting – End users have direct, real-time access to their data and multiple reporting options, including dashboards, and interactive, web-based and scheduled reports, as well as a variety of export formats.
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