SoftServe Builds Big Data Web Analytics Platform on AWS for Yottaa

Boston-based Yottaa was established in 2009, brought its first enterprise offering to market in 2013 and has grown to serve over 200 customers worldwide. Its founders recognised that online applications were becoming increasingly complex, distributed, and broad in scope of functionality. Yottaa adaptively manages, accelerates, and secures web applications in real-time, across the globe.

Business Challenge

Since Yottaa’s ContextIntelligence platform is implemented as a reverse proxy that retrieves resources on behalf of a client from one or more servers, every visitor request and infrastructure response for thousands of customer web applications flows through the network. The team saw the potential to provide real-time, actionable intelligence that would enable site owners to understand the dynamics of their visitor traffic, the experience they are enabling across a global user base, and any cyber security threats that would jeopardize the quality of delivery, experience, or security.

Project Description

The first part of the puzzle SoftServe helped Yottaa with was the selection of an appropriate message brokering application that could be used to translate messages that use different protocols.

The second piece of the puzzle was helping Yottaa with the selection of a technology that would provide a distributed, reliable, and available service for efficiently collecting, aggregating, and moving large amounts of log data.

The final piece of the puzzle was the choice of a scalable, near real-time, search engine that supports multi-tenancy.


Value Delivered

The combined Yottaa and SoftServe team set to work developing the real-time log analytics, indexing, and visualization solution and within six months had an enterprise-grade solution ready for Yottaa’s customers.

Together, they deployed a semantic layer that is capable of unifying petabytes of data, categorizing it in real-time into dimensions and facts, and providing interactive displays. This layer is the cornerstone of the expanded ImpactAnalytics platform that allows Yottaa’s customers and technical teams to quickly understand, identify and remediate anomalies across their distributed application architecture including an end-to-end view of visitor behaviour and demographics, and of how the infrastructure, application, and browser are responding to user actions.

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