Oriflame Creates A Consistent Omni-Channel Digital Experience with Sitecore

Oriflame was founded in 1967 by brothers Jonas and Robert af Jochnick and is now one of the fastest growing beauty companies. The company employs a direct selling business strategy and is currently present in 62 countries around the world, offering a wide range of high-quality beauty and personal care products.



Oriflame needed to create a consistent, omni-channel digital experience for its stakeholders, taking into account their context and behavior. This meant ensuring a seamless customer experience on Oriflame’s website and mobile application. The beauty company’s digital journey also required an internal, easy-to-use online tool available to every employee and sales consultant from the company’s worldwide network to foster higher engagement and generate more sales.

Oriflame collaborated with SoftServe’s experts to identify several key functionalities needed to achieve this ambitious goal:

  • Ensure a personalized digital experience to each of the three main user profiles of Oriflame’s online activity: network builders, consultants, and end-customers
  • Obtain a 360-degree view over each user to track individual engagement and performance levels
  • Notify and enable internal managers to monitor a consultant’s performance and achievements

Some of the primary challenges identified included:

  • Providing a unified global solution for more effective and efficient digital marketing communication
  • Ensuring a seamless customer experience regardless of the channel
  • Delivering personalized experiences based on user behavior data in real time
  • User profiling based on certain criteria


SoftServe developed a unified solution for Oriflame’s web and mobile presence. This included a multi-language website and a dedicated mobile application with personalization and marketing automation capabilities. This omni-channel solution is based on Sitecore, the global leader in digital experience management software. Sitecore was identified as the best fit for Oriflame’s strategic and marketing goals as the platform offers highly advanced content management, customizable marketing tools, and automation and personalization features.

Sitecore has a built-in big data marketing repository called Experience Database (xDB) capable of analyzing visitors’ behavior in real time to deliver advanced personalization and drive the client’s activities towards achieving its business goals. Based on this data collection process, Sitecore builds a holistic profile of every visitor, known or anonymous, that contains valuable context information such as demographics, geo location, channels, interactions, touchpoints, and engagement. Sitecore is able to offer advanced capabilities of segmentation, profiling, personalization, and optimization in real time.

Accounting for the identified requirements, SoftServe’s dedicated team built a solution with the following functionalities:

  • Content personalization based on a predefined set of rules and conditions
  • Marketing automation plans based on real-time user behavior
  • Online and offline behavioral data collection
  • A customized dashboard for advanced analytics and reporting


The project led to a new horizon of opportunities for Oriflame’s operations and stakeholders. The company was able to take its digital journey one step further by helping its network of consultants nurture their customers and grow overall sales. SoftServe built a centralized content system accessible on Oriflame’s website and mobile application. This ensures a consistent, cross-channel experience for each user, based entirely on their individual behavior and engagement.

Incorporating a customer-centric approach meant taking into account the context and needs of Oriflame’s diverse customer base and identifying a solution able to provide personalized content, product offerings and an overall experience to foster higher satisfaction and stimulate brand loyalty. Additionally, an internal digital tool for Oriflame’s worldwide sales network provided the flexibility and speed needed for more efficient customer-focused business and marketing processes. Integrating Sitecore into Oriflame’s ecosystem enabled the company to more efficiently manage both its external marketing efforts as well as its core internal business processes.

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