Transformation of Disparate Legacy Software Applications into Complex SaaS Platform

Our client is the largest provider of ASC software and therapy software as well as billing services for ambulatory surgery centers, specialty hospitals, and rehabilitation clinics nationwide.

Business Challenge

Our client was using a wide range of legacy healthcare applications with different patterns. In order to streamline the processes, save costs and improve usability and productivity, our client realized they needed to bring all these programs into one single systemic healthcare solution with different modules and a single principle of interaction.

Project Description

SoftServe’s team analyzed the legacy applications, learned how to use them, resolved them into components, and identified their most valuable features to use in the new application. The resulting application uses different modules with a single approach that enhances learnability and usability, and enables consistent pattern interaction.


Value Delivered

The complex SaaS healthcare platform developed by SoftServe’s team helped our client by:

  • Enhancing usability and learnability
  • Improving the user journey
  • Enabling backward synchronization
  • Increasing productivity due to the consistency of design patterns
  • Saving costs for educational support due to enhanced learnability
  • Ensuring scalability through the ability to add new modules to the SaaS platform
  • Delivering a new, user-friendly, look and feel for the UI
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