E-Prescribe Platform for BetterRX Supports Seamless RX Fulfilment for Terminally Ill Patients

BetterRX is the only PBM in hospice care using artificial intelligence and its own proprietary ePrescribing technology to dramatically improve patient comfort. BetterRX's artificial intelligence engine (BetterAI) provides over 244,000 evidence-based clinical algorithms with instant recommendations for ordering, clinical effectiveness, and lower-cost alternatives. BetterRX's vertically integrated ePrescribe solution, built specifically for hospice, has revolutionized the traditional hospice medication ordering process by removing phone calls, faxes, and billing rejections from hospice pharmacy—saving nurses, pharmacists, and prescribers millions of hours. And BetterRX is changing the way PBMs work by offering truly transparent pricing and a patient-first approach.

Business Challenge

BetterRX sought collaboration on addressing a number of critical business challenges including:

  • Assistance with the integration of EPCS regulatory requirements
  • Integration of the BetterRX system with a wide variety of network of pharmacies
  • Streamlining the application infrastructure of AWS to achieve better security, scalability, and speed to adhere to the highest standards set by BetterRx leadership
  • Optimizing the deployment approach to include quality and deployment automation to reach the highest quality standards in the industry

Project Description

BetterRX wanted to expand the portal that supports the link between the patient, physicians, pharmacies, and insurers with additional functionalities to cover the highest quality standards in the industry. That involved optimizations on the application level as well as the infrastructure level.

SoftServe organized this project into three phases:

Phase 1 – Prepared the solution to be compliant with US healthcare regulations around the electronic transmission of patient data to avoid any penalties from governmental entities.

Phase 2 – Optimized the solution and introduced new external integration with an additional network of pharmacies for better distribution of prescriptions. Ensured DEA compliance by preparing the solution for external certifications by an approved government body. Additionally, SoftServe helped increase service availability, upgraded security, simplified AWS management, and increased solution redundancy.

Phase 3 – SoftServe delivered new solution features, in addition to making it more scalable, adaptable, and manageable. SoftServe introduced additional services like DevOps for the solution to have better CI/CD, which reduced time and helped avoid manual errors when deploying new releases.

Tools and Technologies

  • Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket
  • Nessus
  • EC2
  • S3
  • RDS/ MySQL
  • VPC
  • Route 53
  • IAM
  • PHP
  • CloudWatch (Monitoring)
  • Additional AWS cloud native services

Value Delivered

The collaboration between SoftServe and BetterRX expanded the system that supports the seamless fulfilment of prescriptions for terminally ill patients. As a startup, BetterRX needed to get to market quickly. To increase the efficiency of pharmacies, AWS services was a logical choice for this project, as it provided:

  • Rapid provisioning times
  • Scalability
  • World-class security
  • Monitoring
  • Control over the usage and costs
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