Futuristic Vehicle


You could interact, change, and design vehicle attributes virtually?

SoftServe’s prototype in Magic Leap provides a realistic representation of a 3D futuristic vehicle set in a real environment. It’s possible to interact with immersive experiences using gestures: reconstruct, repaint, and change vehicle details. This could also be used as a virtual showroom for auto dealers.



Retail, media, tourism, automotive, fintech, and healthcare

Use cases

Virtual showroom, tours, trainings, personalized customer assistance.


  • Virtual showroom to locate, interact, and even “try on” for sizing and fitting.
  • Immersive experience of a city’s atmosphere, history, culture and people—with no limitations of time or space.
  • Customizing a car without going to a dealership—choosing color, interior design, and features—all from a MR headset.
  • Training for interns using virtual interaction with medical equipment and human organs. 
  • Virtual workplace that provides more information in less space with only a few virtual monitors.
  • Virtual bank assistants that present and advise which product/service is most suitable for the client.
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