Optimization of Health Product Provider’s Mobile App Platform for Enhanced UX

Our client is a dynamic supplier of innovative high-quality health products and supplements. It is a multi-level marketing company that sells its products to consumers via chain of distributors via web portal.

Business Challenge

The main issue that our client’s web portal faced was that it was not adapted for mobile devices and its UX did not align with the latest trends when browsing from mobile devices. Our client collaborated with SoftServe to develop iOS and Android mobile applications that provide users with on-the-go access to its resources. Increased customer satisfaction was a core focus and business objective for this project.

Project Description

SoftServe conducted a workshop embedding Design Thinking methodology into the design and development of user experiences to identify and analyze the key needs of application end users, key business goals and objectives, and high-level business and functional requirements.

As a part of the workshop process, two inter-dependent threads were intended to be run. One focused on the design of the user experience, and the other focused on analyzing and documenting high-level solution requirements.

During the workshop, key pain points were identified and addressed:

  • The absence of mobile apps resulted in unnecessary time using our client’s website from mobile devices
  • UX issues while browsing the website from mobile devices resulted in poor user experience
  • Limitations of the current reporting system resulted in wasted time and lower visibility
  • No straight forward way to share content resulted in less news distribution
  • No quick and paperless way to enroll new consumers and introduce new team members resulted in slower expansion of distributors’ teams
  • Absence of personalization options resulted in users needing more time to find necessary information

Value Delivered

As a result of the workshop, SoftServe defined next steps to deliver the mobile apps, making them available on the App Store and GooglePlay according to our client’s business schedule:

  • Defining the solution’s vision and scope
  • Creating a clickable interactive prototype of the mobile app
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