How to Reduce Time to Market Using Microsoft DevOps Solutions

In recent years, businesses have seen significant change across their entire IT landscape. Specifically, within the realm of products and customer relationships.In today’s rapid world, it’s imperative for products and applications to be delivered to the end-user in a timely manner.

Therefore, when it comes to DevOps, it’s important for development and operations teams to work together to ensure there’s no delay with implementation and updates. With this team f ocused approach and the assistance of a DevOps solution like Microsoft DevOps Toolset, implementation becomes faster and more efficient.

Microsoft DevOps toolset replaces error-prone manual processes with automation for improved traceability and repeatable workflows. In addition, organizations can manage environments more efficiently and enable cost savings with a combination of on-premises and cloud resources, as well as tightly integrated open source tooling.

During this webinar, SoftServe expert, Igor Fesenko will share insights on how to deliver high quality software on top of Microsoft DevOps toolset. You will also learn:

  • The benefits of Continuous Integration practice
  • Continuous Deployment as an accelerator to deliver high quality software
  • How to use Visual Studio Team Services and Microsoft Azure to decrease rework and increase team productivity