Lead Management System Customized to Meet Specific Needs of Automotive OEMs

Our client is a leader in the U.S. automotive lead distribution industry. The company provides
  • Innovative solutions for lead scoring, prioritization, validation, and appended.
  • Enterprise level CRM bi-directional data transfer.
  • Generates unparalleled business intelligence analytics, which are presented through a lead performance dashboard.

In the U.S., there are seven major OEMs and dealer groups—about 1400 dealers using the client’s services to increase sales, simplify the process to find clients, and analyze performance.

Business Challenges

In order to be co mpetitive in the rapidly developing market, the client focused on the following business goals:

  • Build an enterprise lead management system, which included lead and sales management, lead nurturing, lead data appending and normalization, bi-directional integration with OEM dealers’ CRMs, etc.
  • Customize products for specific OEM needs that support all OEM processes, standards, organizational structure, style of work, culture, metrics, etc.
  • Provide world-class analytics service that allow customers to track progress metrics, identify and predict issues and risks, and help customers make timely and balanced business decisions.

Project Description

SoftServe created an efficient and flexible solution that could be easily adjusted for new clients and needs. SoftServe used its Abiliton approach to provide software architecture, business analysis, design feature and component implementations, and UI design. Quality was built-in throughout the entire process.

Value Delivered

The value delivered to the client included:

  • Increased business and revenue thru implementing inventory lead generation and management, lead program management improvements, and a concierge program.
  • Developed business intelligence reports, which opened doors for new client contracts.
  • Updated monthly product releases included features requested by business, operations, and customer support teams.
  • Improved scalability, flexibility, and maintainability of the product.
  • Increased volume—as result business and revenue increased thru implementations and improvements of the lead processing system (LPS).
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