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Personalize User Interaction With Enterprise Data

Learn how SoftServe facilitated collaboration and innovation by transforming the way employees interact with critical data.


Your enterprise data is a treasure trove of actionable insight that goes unused if users are unable to access and engage with it in a meaningful way. More employees in your organization interacting with big data solutions translates to greater operational efficiency.

A user-centric approach toward enterprise data enables your employees to interact with data in a personalized way. This encourages collaboration and makes big data solutions accessible across your organization — rather than only the data team.

The client

Our client, a large investment bank in the United States with operations around the globe, needed to make enterprise data more accessible and understandable to employees. As one of the largest custodian banks in the world, our client collects an enormous amount of data.

Clearing the way for more users to benefit from data analysis would make it easier to maintain compliance and improve decision-making, customer service, and collaboration. The client used the MyCDO Platform as a data science portal, but it needed to be tailored to provide a more user-friendly experience.


The challenge

The MyCDO Platform is designed to provide data visualization and data analysis. However, not all employees had the technical skill to navigate the dashboard and use the platform to its fullest.

MyCDO required customization to:

Multiple Sources

Make data accessible to non-technical users

Maintain high standards of security and regulatory compliance

Consolidate data from multiple sources

Provide a scalable architecture 

The solution

SoftServe completely redesigned the legacy system’s portal. This included designing and delivering new metrics to increase data visibility throughout the organization.

The new dashboard makes data analytics more accessible to all employees, allowing them to:


Customize individual dashboards according to preference, needs, and experience

Be aware of relationships between data values


Process characteristics of specific datasets in real time

Generate reports that provide actionable insight

The outcome

The revamped data platform combines data from 160 applications and 22 lines of business and stores it in one location. Centralizing data saves time for employees generating mandatory reports. The ability to customize individual dashboards and save settings contribute to additional operational efficiency.

The new platform redesigns metrics from the legacy platform and delivers new metrics to increase visibility throughout the bank. A streamlined metadata collection process further improves the quality of data collected and stored in the enterprise catalog.

As an ongoing project, SoftServe continues to work with the client to help in data structuring, provide support, and develop new enterprise data solutions as needs arise.

Tech stack

  • Java 11, Angular 8
  • Oracle, Elasticsearch
  • Apache Storm, Kafka
  • Vertica
  • Denodo
  • Apache Zookeeper
  • CI/CD Gitlab
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