Product Team Management Roadmap for Travel Industry Catering and Retail Leader

Our client, together with its subsidiaries, provides airline catering, retail-on-board, and hospitality products and services in the EMEA, North and South America, and APAC. It offers catering services, such as airline catering and provisioning services, inflight services, and logistics and supply chain solutions.

Business Challenge

Our client needed guidance in managing product teams and creating strategic product roadmaps to achieve common business goals.

Project Description

Our client has an application that is composed of five separate modules. After interviewing stakeholders, observing the current state of the newly created product team, and understanding the primary painpoints, SoftServe defined an action plan of how the product teams should function and collaborate:

  • Creating a common picture of people that highlighted their specific knowledge and experience, and sharing this information with the 150+ people app team
  • Aligning the decision making process with different app teams: business representatives, business analysts, and development team
  • Setting up a communication process and expectations with the app team

SoftServe proposed an approach that can align multiple modules within the app and their teams under one umbrella with shared mission, business goals, and measurements, but different initiatives to support and achieve the mission and goals within the different modules and teams.


SoftServe also proposed creating a product vision for each module and defining business goals for each of them. Having set clear business goals, we could proceed with decomposing them into concrete initiatives and setting up measurements for each.

SoftServe created a high-level action plan to outline key activities with approximate timing.


Value Delivered

SoftServe provided our client with the following actionable deliverables:

  • A plan for continuous improvement of interaction between the product management team and other teams
  • A step by step guide on how to design shared product vision for the whole company
  • Guidance on structuring measurable goals
  • A product roadmap creation flow to establish transparency, alignment, and cooperation across all teams
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