Rainbow Hits Conversion Goal with Digital Sales

Our client is a European distributor of high-end vacuum cleaners that use water filters to deep-clean homes.

Their main channel of distribution was historically reliant on dir ect sales, but to match the latest sales trends and modern buying habits, Rainbow needed to go digital.

Business Challenge

Rainbow had to enable a new online service to stay competitive. Creating an online marketplace was also an opportunity for enterprise digitization and reconfiguring the sales overall process.

But it was unsure how to create a scaled digital solution to bring its sales model into the digital age.

Project Description

Rainbow engaged SoftServe to deliver best-in-class customer experience to their online customers. The project involved designing a new user interface, developing new graphics, and adding new content to the website to inform Rainbow’s prospects about the product’s different features and applications. Thanks to the rich sales content released under the automatic marketing system and the features available in the implemented system, the project drove higher conversion rates through contextual personalization. Contextual personalization adjusts the website content presented to each visitor based on his/her behavior on the website. For example, if a customer clicks on product content that is aimed at Rainbow visitors who have allergies, the system captures that behavior and classifies the customer’s interest in allergies. The next time that customer visits the Rainbow homepage, allergy-specific content is represented more prominently.

The technology used was based on Sitecore v7.2 with a full digital marketing support module. The e-commerce component was created with the use of the Sitecore Commerce platform.

It took only four months to deliver the product, accelerating the time to market for this critical service. To ensure a great customer experience, SoftServe’s Digital Marketing Acceleration team continues to maintain service performance and availability.

Value Delivered

SoftServe’s work for Rainbow enabled them to expand sales fro m a simple door-to-door model to an entirely new online audience. And as the solution provides contextual personalization, the model maintains many of the factors that hold to Rainbow’s tradition of customer intimacy.


In recognition for the innovative solution delivered to Rainbow, Sitecore awarded SoftServe’s Digital Marketing Acceleration team for Experience Platform Usage.

Sitecore XP is one of the leading online marketing platforms, featuring several unique advanced features. Sitecore XP has a specialized built-in big data analysis system called xDB, which is capable of analyzing visitors’ behavior in real time. In doing so, it delivers advanced personalization capabilities, and drives the client’s activities toward business goals. Thanks to big data analysis, Sitecore XP is able to build a holistic visitor profile, an invaluable tool for expanding knowledge of both customers and competition.

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