Resorts World Sentosa Singapore Creates a Unified Hospitality and Entertainment Customer Experience Solution Using Sitecore

Resorts World™ Sentosa (RWS) is a premium lifestyle destination resort located in Singapore’s island of Sentosa. RWS is home to world-class entertainment attractions including Universal Studios Singapore and S.E.A. Aquarium. Complementing the adventure and adrenaline of its theme parks and attractions are six unique luxury hotels, the Resorts World Convention Centre, a casino, a world-renowned destination spa and award-winning celebrity chef restaurants. By providing exclusive customer experiences, RWS established itself as a key player in Singapore’s vibrant and diverse entertainment scene.



As a leader in the entertainment and hospitality industry, RWS recognized the need to differentiate and further establish their position by connecting and enhancing the customer experience across channels and devices. RWS hosts a wide variety of amusement attractions, hotels, casinos, and restaurants, all of which offer bookings in advance, loyalty programs, and other engaging membership activities. For the purpose of ensuring a seamless customer experience, RWS needed a unified solution that would enable advanced multi-language content management as well as constant exchange of information between all of their external and internal systems as well as marketing tools.

The main challenge of the project included the integration and coordination between all systems and platforms that RWS uses for internal and external purposes.


To ensure that the raised business objectives would be met, SoftServe’s platforms’ team had to ensure a successful Sitecore implementation as well as a smooth integration between RWS’ multiple systems. SoftServe was fully responsible for creating the look and feel of the new RWS portals through the mutual collaboration between design and UX teams.

In the initial phase of the project, SoftServe held a series of collaborative workshops with all involved stakeholders to gather all needed requirements, identify areas for improvement, and agree on the most suitable approach for delivery.

To achieve a truly connected customer experience, the project required the implementation and integration to support the constant exchange of information between the following systems:

  • Sitecore: RWS’s customer experience platform for content management, personalization and various marketing activities
  • Oracle OPERA: RWS’s main property management system for handling online bookings and reservations
  • SmsDome: platform for SMS marketing campaigns
  • IBM Watson Campaign Automation: the main platform for digital marketing and campaign automation across RWS’s main channels
  • In-house systems for discount vouchers, rewards programs, casino gaming. All integrated using Microsoft BizTalk message bus


SoftServe’s experience platforms team delivered a complete solution that connects all platforms and tools that RWS uses for marketing and operational purposes. Implementing Sitecore introduced advanced content management capabilities to RWS such as:

  • Using a headless approach to distribute assets and content across various digital and physical interaction channels
  • Creating, translating, and easily updating content in multiple languages
  • Collecting engagement data and utilizing insights for better tailored offerings and personalized campaigns

Sitecore and its integrations with third-party platforms enabled RWS to execute impactful marketing campaigns, maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, and foster loyalty through its multiple memebership programs.

After the implementation and integration phase, SoftServe was responsible for providing continuous 24/7 support and maintainance of the solution, which provided an additional benefit and a high level of security for RWS’ web presence and online services.

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