Shoptelligence Proves AI-module ROI Value to Clients with GCP-based Data Analytics Dashboards

Shoptelligence is a trusted style discovery platform empowering retailers with an AI assistant that helps shoppers effortlessly discover their style from across the retailer’s catalog. The company specializes in delivering design-based shopper experiences that surprise and delight shoppers. Its platform reasons like a designer to automatically create interactive, cross-category room decors and outfits from basic product data.


As the market leader in home furnishings, Shoptelligence is a proven solution to help retailers increase average order value and customer lifetime value, increasing ticket size by over 30% and tripling repeat visits. The omni-channel platform delivers a seamless experience that serves as a designer at every touchpoint, serving shoppers online and enabling sales associates in store, helping retailers make the most of their site and store traffic.

Business Challenge

Shoptelligence’s client’s needed to see the ROI from its AI modules in order to retain these current clients and use that success to attract new ones. These clients needed to be convinced that the modules actually brought value to their business.

However, the data that could prove this value resided in a big database in the form of raw web activity records. Shoptelligence wanted to modify and improve the modules regularly, however, they could not measure the impact these modifications had on the overall value to each of their clients. Shoptelligence needed to make sense of its large amounts of collected data as well as implement A/B testing improvements and automated data reports.

Key technical challenges included:

  • Relatively poor quality of data
  • KPIs had to be broken down by multiple dimensions which exponentially increased the complexity of the analysis
  • Lack of documentation and limited understanding of the data

Project Description

SoftServe used cloud-based data analytics dashboards showing live KPIs for measuring the value that the modules provided. Complex and computationally heavy data transformations were used on a daily basis to construct the meaningful KPIs from the raw data. The metrics were broken down by shopper segments based on interactions with the AI modules.

SoftServe’s leveraged technologies including: GCP BigQuery and Data Studio, Google Analytics, Compute and Cloud Storage, Python, and GitLab.

Value Delivered

SoftServe helped Shoptelligence analyze large amounts of raw data to prove to its clients the validity of the data and the value that its AI-modules provide. It gave Shoptelligence’s customers more KPIs and proof points that Shoptelligence is an excellent service for their business.

Key benefits delivered:

  • Company success is measured in real time so stakeholders can see a live snapshot of where the business stands and is headed at any time
  • Monthly performance reports are sent to clients to display the value generated by the AI modules on their websites
  • Enabled a high level, data driven approach to perform A/B tests for module modifications
  • An improved solution that provides cost savings, process optimization, and customer satisfaction

“I really appreciated how you brought such a high quality professional to the project, and how he thoroughly understood the data and could see several steps ahead to assess where the calculations might fail, then take that into account in the initial design,” said Laura Khoury, CEO at Shoptelligence. “He was very flexible and brought a level of rigor to the project that I was delighted by.”

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