SoftServe Augments Innovation Platform to Support Google Cloud Platform Customers

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SoftServe needed to extend support to cloud providers supported by our Innovation Platform. This would allow us to engage more clients who operated under strict business regulations surrounding cloud providers and the regions they serve.

The project-specific goal was to setup a new partnership model with cloud providers in order to extend the customer market of the Innovation Platform for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customers.


SoftServe’s Innovation Platform is an end-to-end success framework for outside-in and crowd sourced ideation, market validated concept development, and commercialization.


The Innovation Platform featured a broad Microsoft Azure infrastructure, using Azure Web Apps, Azure SQL, Azure Service Bus, Azure Redis, Service Account services with Geo-redundant across the world and PaaS/SaaS services. Adding GCP support was the first step to making a cloud-agnostic solution with a stable development cycle.

To achieve this, we needed to migrate all Azure App Services to Kubernetes and adapt the product to work with GCP, including the adaptation to GCP services, such as Memorystore, Storages, etc.

The project ‘Dockerized ‘a combination of Angular 7, .Net Core, Azure Functions and WebJob services to Google Kubernetes Engine.

MS SQL Server 2019 Preview version and Always On availability groups for SQL Server dramatically increase complexity with geo-distribution of the databases on GCP.

The development teams worked based on the Secure SDLC process, with dedicated operation teams with L1, L2, L3 levels of support using the ITIL process. The automation sources and adapted quality pipelines in the GCP environment were provided, and the deployment process was changed to the GitOps approach.


This was the first step to implementing the cloud-agnostic solution. the number of supported cloud providers was increased without affecting the productivity of the product.

Using Kubernetes makes the development environment preparation quicker and easier, as the dev teams can use local machines for fully functional dev testing, which facilitates faster time to market.

Companies who have GCP cloud business solutions now are potential customers for SoftServe’s Innovation Platform - about 19% of the global cloud market.

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