Streamline compliance evaluations and reduce manual errors by up to 60% with a reliable mobile application built on AWS



Client Background

Veriforce is a recognized leader in delivering comprehensive solutions that help businesses across the globe drive safety and compliance into their supply chains and down to the employee level. The company focuses on optimizing contractor safety & compliance, health & safety training, and operator qualification . One-third of the leading North American energy companies trust Veriforce to protect their worksites and workers.

Business Challenge

Veriforce wanted to improve on their complex paper-based compliance evaluation forms. In doing so, they expected to streamline the evaluation process to reduce the amount of paperwork, improve the evaluator experience, and ensure better operational efficiency.

They needed to develop a robust mobile solution for conducting and submitting paperless Record of Evaluations (ROEs), a form used by authorized personnel to evaluate and determine if a candidate is qualified to perform a specific task. This form is critical to supply chain safety.

The evaluator must follow each step outlined in the ROE and carefully document the candidate's performance. The candidate must receive a 100% evaluation score to meet regulatory requirements and ensure the safety of that individual and everyone around them.


Project Description

Veriforce partnered with SoftServe to build a reliable mobile application to conduct on-site workers’ evaluations. First, SoftServe experts analyzed the client’s requirements and prepared a roadmap for successful project delivery, taking into consideration priorities and business objectives. The project was split into two components:

Project Description

Application delivery was incremental, with each release expanding its capabilities. This way, the customer could benefit from the application earlier, before the completion of all functionalities. Throughout the development process, the team had to ensure uninterrupted operations of the legacy web-based system used in parallel with the new app. Our experts were confirming requirements for effective solution deployment throughout the project’s lifecycle. We tested the service operations in the development, beta, and production environments. User acceptance testing confirmed that functionalities and performance meet acceptance criteria.

"SoftServe gave pristine attention to detail and developed a strong understanding of our complex business processes", - Andrea Magaña, Product Owner at Veriforce.

Value Delivered

Together with the client , we developed a mobile app that allows on-site evaluators to generate electronic evaluation forms in PDF format. The app supports an offline mode enabling users to continue work in remote on-site locations where cellular coverage may be limited. It has an intuitive UX design and is available for iOS and Android. All information is securely processed and stored using Amazon cloud services.

Value Cloud

We delivered a robust, well-designed mobile solution that helps contractors maintain compliance and speed up operations while remaining safe in the field. The number of ROE submissions done via the mobile app is increasing, and Veriforce realizes these additional benefits:

  • Improved time-to-market: The MVP was released within four months of the start of the project. And within 14 months after the solution’s launch, seven application releases went live.
  • Efficiency: Our client reports up to a 50% reduction in the time needed for evaluations using the mobile application instead of submitting the paper form.
  • Accuracy: The number of ROEs rejected because of manual errors was reduced by 60% when using the mobile application.
  • Reduced paperwork: 30% of all ROE submissions were completed via the mobile application one month after the latest release.

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