Streamline Real Estate Business Processes and Maximize Success with Salesforce

The real estate industry moves at lightning speed. You’ll be left behind if you’re not optimized to handle the pace.

Our client—a US-based financial services tech company providing brokerage, investment banking, and advisement—has extensive expertise in the real estate field. However, they struggled to maximize and streamline real estate-related business processes.

There was no single, unified communication platform between various stakeholders, making the existing property evaluation process time-consuming and inefficient. Further complications occurred because property inspections were managed in several disconnected applications, all outside of Salesforce.

Those ineffective and inefficient processes led this client to turn to SoftServe.

To improve operational performance, SoftServe’s experts conducted an end-to-end review to identify key areas of improvement.

Our team determined the best resolution was to integrate custom-configured Lightning web components with the client’s Salesforce platform. This solution would provide a custom property inspection process and deliver individualized property reports.


Building an automated workflow to handle the manual aspects of the real estate business processes allowed our client to drive business growth.

SoftServe created a unified system to manage property evaluations and acquisitions, generating electronic signatures for property acquisition documents. The solution handles signed items within the Salesforce platform and reduces the time previously spent waiting for copies signed elsewhere.

Seamlessly connected systems generated immediate improvements in business performance. Optimized processes significantly reduced the time spent on stakeholder management.

Our client’s real estate team now leads negotiations on property pricing with accurate information and improved inspection result visibility. These reports are powerful and customizable, including photos and descriptions of all of the inspected areas. As a bonus, these inspection reports are made mobile-friendly, increasing the speed of finalizing a real estate deal.

You need business processes that can keep up with the changing pace of the real estate industry. SoftServe’s delivery of custom-configured Lightning web components integrated with Salesforce means our client stays ahead of the market.

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