Will Artificiall Intelligence Change Healthcare?

Deep Dive into the Most Talkable Topic in Healthcare — Artificial Intelligence.

The term artificial intelligence has actually been around for quite some time, so why AI now? Well, tremendous amounts of data assets are being created regularly and the number of mobile devices has spiked to over 2 billion a month. In turn, we as humans are continuously generating data. With this data growth and the need for processing and storage, the cost of computing storage has dwindled year after year. However, from all of this, it has given way for improvements to learning systems and is why we are now seeing significant growth in AI.

During our webinar, “Will Artificial Intelligence Change Healthcare?” SoftServe healthcare guru, Eugene Borukhovich will provide insights on how AI could potentially add value in healthcare by:

  • Predicting drug resistance
  • Supporting medication adherence
  • Aiding in smarter drug development
  • Helping Alzheimer patients