By Iwona JozwiakJul 16, 2024
Data & AnalyticsIoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLRetail

The Right Price at the Right Time: Effective Retail Promotion Planning With AI/ML

Learn how to capture promotion impact and improve planning with machine learning and simulations

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By Iwona JozwiakJan 22, 2024
Data & AnalyticsOperational EfficiencyRetailSupply Chain

The Goldilocks Principle: Retail Inventory Optimization Through Predictive Demand Forecasting

Discover the power of machine learning in retail demand forecasting to reduce costs and build resilience.

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By SoftServe TeamJan 04, 2024
IoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLRetailSupply Chain

Streamline Operations and Boost Customer Satisfaction With Generative AI

Discover Generative AI's power to optimize operations, enrich customer satisfaction, and outperform in the retail sector.

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By SoftServe TeamJan 04, 2024
Data & AnalyticsRetail

Protect Retail Data and Improve the Customer Experience Through Modernization 

Uncover how data modernization aids in leveraging analytics, optimizing operations, and a flawless customer experience.

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By SoftServe TeamJan 04, 2024
Operational EfficiencyRetailSupply Chain

Develop a Strategic Approach to Retail Supply Chain Tech Investments

Explore how SoftServe's strategic approach to retail supply chain tech investments can help enhance customer-centric strategies, maximize ROI, and boost competitiveness. Learn about leveraging new technologies for increased efficiency and resilience in your supply chain operations.

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By Iryna TkachDec 05, 2023
Cloud & DevOpsFinancial ServicesIoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLRetailSoftware Development

From AI Discovery to AI Adoption: HR and Talent Leaders Play a Major Role

HR's role in AI adoption will transform your organization’s vision, talent, and culture for business success.

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By SoftServe TeamNov 29, 2023
AgricultureCloud & DevOpsFinancial ServicesHealthcare & Life SciencesManaged ServicesManufacturingOperational EfficiencyRetailSecurity

Essence of Cloud Governance: SoftServe Insights for Better Management

Cloud governance maximizes cloud computing benefits while minimizing risk and meeting regulatory requirements.

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By Iwona JozwiakNov 22, 2023
Data & AnalyticsOperational EfficiencyRetailSupply Chain

All the Right Cards: Why Data Matters in Vendor Negotiations

Learn how data integration empowers category managers to navigate complex negotiations and boost profitability.

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By Betul BaykalOct 11, 2023
Data & AnalyticsManufacturingRetailSupply Chain

Data Bridges for ESG Due Diligence Across the Supply Chain

Explore how data-driven strategies empower companies to ensure ESG conformity across the supply chain.

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By Ihor ZhukovOct 03, 2023
Digital ProductsIoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLR&DRetail

Customize Your Perfect Ride in the Virtual World

Discover how SoftServe uses VR/AR, advanced AI, and personal assistants to create an immersive car-buying experience.

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