Avoid incidents and keep workers safe by monitoring critical equipment for dangerous corrosion levels. Using computer vision and machine learning technologies, we've created high-quality asset integrity monitoring solutions that meet strict oil and gas industry requirements. Learn how to improve asset integrity management with corrosion detection, analysis, and quantification solutions
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Oil And Gas Asset Integrity Management Challenges

Energy companies struggle to maintain and increase asset performance and uptime due to aging equipment and structures across their value chains. Equipment in oil and gas facilities is exposed to various environmental and chemical effects during the production, transportation, and refining process which accelerates corrosion.

Operators need to address corrosion issues that could lead to costly leaks and environmental incidents. Major challenges in asset integrity management are wide-ranging:

  • Aging equipment
  • Corrosion
  • Coating breakdown
  • Equipment or structural defects
  • Leaks and spills
  • Expensive manual inspection
  • Human errors
  • Long processing time
  • Multiple asset integrity management software solutions

Ensuring Your Oil and Gas Asset Integrity

  • Computer Vision for Corrosion Detection and Segmentation
  • Machine Learning for Corrosion Classification

Effective corrosion control in the oil and gas industry requires more than manual onsite inspections — You need a proactive asset integrity management approach and corrosion monitoring services. One that gathers visual data to perform image processing and analysis and applies computer vision techniques to detect areas and equipment parts that require attention. Once in place, computer vision monitors corrosion and performs remote inspections to find anomalies, paint defects, or rust stains.

Next, leverage computer vision to predict risk and schedule required inspections. Develop a smart maintenance strategy and avoid high-value equipment downtime.

Benefits Of Computer Vision For Asset Integrity Management

Computer vision technology is critical to ensuring high asset performance levels in oil and gas operations. It offers several advantages over other technologies, such as anomaly detection that is non-intrusive and can cover large areas including those that are difficult to reach using conventional means.

A robust and comprehensive asset integrity management approach includes many components that work in synergy to achieve the exceptional safety and asset integrity standards required in the oil and gas industry.

Combining IoT and computer vision technologies for corrosion monitoring and remote inspection of facilities, plus AI-powered tools and sophisticated ML algorithms for data analysis and interpretation, brings multiple benefits to energy companies, including:

  • Improving asset reliability
  • Maintaining safe operations
  • Improving inspection efficiency
  • Reducing costs


Partner with SoftServe to develop your comprehensive asset integrity management strategy. We offer a wide range of solutions in IoT, computer vision, AI, ML, and data science to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, and improve asset performance.

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