SoftServe Launches Resource Groups for Women in Seven Countries

LVIV, Ukraine (March 8, 2024)SoftServe, a premier IT consulting and digital services provider, is launching Resource Groups FOR WOMEN as a global initiative for associates.

Being a part of the company’s ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) program, Resource Groups FOR WOMEN are being launched during March in Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Mexico, Colombia, and Chile, where the majority of the company’s associates are located.

The initiative aims at the development of inclusivity for women in the workplace, and welcomes all female employees and male allies, regardless of background, position, experience level, or any other characteristics.

“Diverse and Inclusive Workplace” is one of the strategic themes in SoftServe’s DEI strategy, and Employee Resource Groups are another powerful instrument to progress towards respective goals within the organization,” said Natalia Kosenko, SoftServe’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Expert. “We believe this initiative will empower and advance women within the company by fostering a supportive community, promoting professional development, and advocating for gender equality.”

At SoftServe, 36% of associates are women, which places the company above the global benchmark of 34% defined in the Global Gender Gap Report 2023. 53% of associates in managerial roles are females and 23% of associates in highly technical roles are also occupied by women.

On its way to reaching DEI goals, SoftServe has been recognized for its efforts in different geographies. In early 2024, SoftServe was ranked in the Top-10 Employers For Youth Women's Talent Ranking in Mexico and Colombia, recognizing the Best Companies for Professional Women under 35.

EmpowerU, SoftServe's global educational program, has already impacted 400+ people from vulnerable groups in seven countries since its launch in 2023. Those are women of different backgrounds, people with disabilities, refugees, veterans, and others who received the opportunity to learn technologies.

Some of the other DEI initiatives and programs SoftServe has been implementing to support its diverse workforce and foster a culture of belonging and respect include: 

  • Launching an Accessibility Services team to provide an accessibility audit of digital products and solutions in 2020
  • Establishing a DEI policy and DEI 101 Guide for SoftServe employees as part of the Code of Conduct
  • Establishing a DEI council as an advisory board to promote awareness, education, and advocacy on DEI topics 
  • Launching a DEI training within the onboarding process for all SoftServe newcomers and managers, integrating DEI topics into the company's leadership programs 
  • Launching the Veterans at SoftServe, a support program for Ukrainian veterans at SoftServe, helping the associates to reintegrate and adapt 
  • Enhancing recruitment, retention, and promotion practices to attract, develop, and retain diverse talent and ensure equal opportunities for all employees

For more information about SoftServe’s DEI initiatives, please visit this page.

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