InfographicsFeb 18, 2020
Financial Services

Datenmanagement für einen optimierten Finanzdienstleistungsbereich

Data management for more efficient financial services

Case StudyFeb 17, 2020

Configuration Manager for GCP Cloud Migration

SoftServe, as Google Premier Partner, was selected to build and configure the solution on top of GCP according to the requirements and defined success criteria.

Case StudyFeb 17, 2020
Energy, Oil & Gas

International Energy Company Manages Multilanguage Content Across Channels Using Adobe Experience Manager

The client consulted SoftServe for expertise on how to introduce a more innovative approach in managing projects effectively.

WhitepaperFeb 12, 2020
Financial Services

Winning with Data Management in Financial Services

Here's why financial services must adopt a data strategy to manage data.

InfographicsFeb 06, 2020

LOFT and SoftServe result in a superior SaaS model

Working together, SoftServe and LOFT build software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, with exceptional post-launch maintenance and support.

Case StudyJan 25, 2020

SoftServe Implements a Long-term Azure Disaster Recovery Plan for Datacenters

Our client develops modern technology solutions in the post-acute care industry.

Case StudyJan 24, 2020
Energy, Oil & Gas

Machine Learning Saves Time and Money in Seismic Data Interpretation

Our client is an American energy corporation and prominent oil company engaged in petroleum exploration and production all over the world.

DemoJan 13, 2020

Robotic Process Automation

Get started with our Robotic Process Automation solutions that utilize data science, psychometrics, and complex workflows to optimize your retail business.

DemoJan 10, 2020

Robotics in Retail

Robotics solutions for all dimensions of your retail business.

DemoJan 09, 2020
Financial Services

BioLock Payment Card Security

SoftServe takes payment card security to a new level with this biometric authentication solution.