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Case Study Okt 21, 2019

AWS-Hosted Web-Based Service for Semafone Payment Processing Meets PCI DSS Requirements

Our client had an outdated call center and they made the decision to create a web service for payment processing—via the web and phone to expand their portfolio of service offerings.

Infographics Okt 21, 2019

Lower Healthcare Costs, Increase Payer Profitability

Transformative technology allows payers to remain competitive.

Demo Okt 18, 2019

Touch My Heart—Immersive Medical Experience

The SoftServe R&D team, in cooperation with Ultraleap, created a touchable hologram for use in various healthcare applications, such as medical training or telemedicine.

Infographics Okt 10, 2019

Transformative Technology Engages Members

How healthcare payers create a consumer-centric model with technological advances.

Infographics Okt 09, 2019

Why Design Thinking Works for Retail

Design thinking empowers employees to become more effective, motivated, and focused on quality, while paving the way for a human-centric company culture.

Infographics Okt 08, 2019

AI Enhancing Software Development

Leverage AI to create scalable coding.

Demo Okt 08, 2019

ECG-verified Payments

ECG verification proves to overcome the most common authentication issues, making the technology a very reliable and secure way to do banking

Infographics Okt 03, 2019

Migrating Banks to the Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Accelerate time to value and minimize business impact.

Case Study Okt 03, 2019

AWS Serverless Application Model Improves Cost Efficiency for Precision Exam’s Infrastructure

The client requested SoftServe to provide a prototype of a system, built on top of AWS Cloud, using the best-practices approach in architecture and managed AWS Services.

Infographics Okt 02, 2019

Increase Retail Brand Value with Design Thinking

Explore how retailers can apply design thinking principles to increase collaboration across teams.

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