Are Legacy Systems Slowing You Down?

Our client is an international online store that sells lingerie, adult goods, and accessories across western Europe.

Difficulties began when it was time for the client to migrate from Magento’s legacy platform to its newest iteration. Custom code created by knowledge holders who were no longer with the company threatened a loss of business rules, processes, and existing feature documentation after the migration.


SoftServe created a new solution for the Magento 2 migration that eliminated nearly 25% of unused features. This saved on implementation time and cost and delivered a modern ecommerce framework that was significantly faster than the previous site.

“A HUGE-HUGE THANKS to everyone who was involved in the Magento migration. We are finally live and the website speed is super-fast! Thanks a lot for all your effort over the past months!” – Owner

“Thank you EVERYONE involved! Really well done all! The pages are SO FAAAAASSSSSSTT! What an achievement… Be proud!” – CEO

SoftServe completed the client’s request to design and implement the migration to Magento 2 by:

  • Analyzing the current website and creating a software requirements specification document
  • Interviewing stakeholders to identify how existing software satisfied their needs
  • Implementing existing and new integrations
  • Executing security and performance tests prior to the successful site relaunch

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