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Are You Fully Optimizing Your Tech Investments?

Even when a business builds an organized and highly tailored cloud environment on their own, making sure it’s optimized can require outside support. That's exactly what happened with our personal and beauty care product client, whose costs remained high despite their best efforts.

Once the pandemic accelerated our client’s digital capacity requirements, it created a need for immediate cost savings. That’s when our client sought out SoftServe to assess the best ways to get the most out of their programs and systems.

To ensure they were optimizing Azure Cloud resources properly, we worked with our client to:

  • Find potential alternatives for improvement
  • Determine best practices for proper cost distribution
  • Analyze monthly billing for ways to save

SoftServe created a cost optimization model that amplified Azure’s abilities while lowering expenses. Using Microsoft best practices and cost optimization techniques focused on virtual machines, SQL databases, and storage, our experts recommended short- and long-term actions, including:

  • Identification of unused cloud resources, saving additional monthly operational costs
  • Greater cost-management flexibility by moving away from a fixed price computing, data storage, and backup retention subscription model.

These changes led to a 10% reduction in monthly bills without any negative impacts on performance.

SoftServe’s expertise went beyond simple expense-line trimming. It focused on cost-cutting optimization to increase efficiency and performance via smarter technology investments.

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