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GCP-Based Platform Supports Banking Industry Communications Analytics Solution

Client Background

Our client is a global leader in artificial intelligence-enabled solutions.

Business Challenge

Our client has deep experience in cloud environments, including the development and deployment of production-ready solutions with banks and technology partners.

Our client’s AI solution seamlessly analyzes text and audio communications, and conducts risk mitigation. It’s available as a managed hosting solution on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Developed with our client’s banking partners, it brings the firm’s proven text and audio communications analytics to the world’s leading secure cloud infrastructures.

Our client consulted SoftServe to provide a solution based on best industry practices and end-to-end security controls. SoftServe completed the first client onboarding in the GCP environment for the AI solution – including setting up the environment, services procedures and policies, along with team setup and trainings for further improvement and operation stages.


Project Description

After an intensive discovery session of the existing solution and security requirements, SoftServe developed a production-ready environment for onboarding, preparing all documentation, toolset, and runbooks for the support team.

Key deliverables for this project included:

  • A secure (IDS/IPS/hardened) GCP platform
  • GCP solution architecture documentation
  • Deployment and configuration of infrastructure in GCP
  • Setup of all required applications, services, and data pipelines in GCP
  • An environment ready for acceptance testing for the first client (including controls to satisfy MSR)
  • An exit plan (the process of transferring cloud subscription, other third-party licenses, ownership and infrastructure related artifacts from SoftServe)

Value Delivered

SoftServe provisioned an enterprise-ready GCP environment with high availability, disaster recovery capabilities, GDPR compliance, and other powerful features as standard. Other key benefits of the managed hosted version include:

  • Innovation backed by experience: The reassurance of a managed hosted solution on GCP designed with detailed input from the industry and informed by extensive experience of large and complex deployments in different regulatory landscapes
  • Security: Collaboration with bank information security teams to ensure the highest protection of their environment and data:
    • Network Segmentation – separate project and Cloud VPC for each client
    • Network firewalls and host intrusion detection systems
    • Access control for all system users including 2-factor authentication and auditing
    • Customer-owned keys used for data encryption throughout the solution
    • Authentication (SAML2), authorization and data entitlements as standard
  • Automated provisioning: Rapid solution deployment utilizing repeatable automation of industry-standard, cloud-agnostic toolsets
  • Lower cost of ownership: All support, maintenance, change control, and incident responses are managed by SoftServe in partnership with our client’s staff, providing further assurances that data stewardship is maintained
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