SoftServe + EyeLevel: a Recipe for Increased Customer Value

How do you maintain a 24/7 presence without going broke or losing your sanity?

It’s not easy to provide the continuous availability that customers expect from modern businesses. EyeLevel helps companies engage potential prospects across marketing channels on their prospect’s own time with an industry-leading conversational advertising platform.

EyeLevel already provided significant value for their customers. The platform reduced sales response time to less than three minutes and slashed advertising costs up to 50%. One of Eyelevel’s clients, a fast-growing hearing aid company, saw a 266% increase in lead volume and a 168% increase in new customers after implementing Eyelevel’s solution.


However, staying ahead of your competitors means investing in continuous improvements to deliver more, faster. Together, EyeLevel and SoftServe created a solution that resulted in:

  • 300%+ increased customer engagement
  • 20% of customer leads converting to active opportunities
  • 5% of active opportunities resulting in launched pilots

A picture’s worth a thousand leads

Working with EyeLevel, SoftServe built a tool that enables marketers to easily add a “contact us via chat” option to any campaign. The product is omnichannel and designed for online sales lead generation.

Based on the tool’s performance with early adopters, EyeLevel chose to focus their rollout on QR codes. This unique marketing tactic offers the added advantage of ready use for print materials (an important advantage for businesses that continue to use this medium as part of their advertising strategy).

Customers scan the QR code with a mobile device for instant access to information. At the same time, it provides businesses with valuable insights to sales and marketing leads.

EyeLevel’s only regret? In the words of their CEO, “I just wish we had engaged with SoftServe sooner.”

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