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Core Services

SoftServe’s expertise is rooted in technology—from digital product innovation to total business transformation. Our core services provide the fundamental building blocks to make technology work across the organization. Streamline and optimize by your technology infrastructure. SoftServe leads clients through both implementing new—and refining or retiring outdated—processes and accelerating time-to-market.

Software Development

Trust every stage of software development to SoftServe’s product and service teams, from brainstorming to post-delivery support. Rely on an agile approach to deliver solutions quickly and efficiently.


  • Reduced operational costs and increased productivity
  • Flawless integration of teams and processes to minimize downtime and speed execution
  • End-to-end project oversight and management, ensuring issues are identified and managed before they become problems


With over 25 years of delivery project excellence for industry leaders, world-class skills, and proven competencies—our core engineers consistently deliver innovative products and solutions that achieve results. Our project managers and technical professionals work quickly and efficiently to deliver the best solution from planning through to completion.

  1. 01Best-in-class Service

    • More than 4,000 software engineers with over 3,500 projects
    • Software industry leaders with multi-disciplined technology experience
    • Seasoned solution and technical architects, front and back-end developers, and project planners
    • Testing and automation professionals
    • SmartStart® program—jumpstart projects for maximum efficiency

  2. 02Get Innovation Done

    • Detailed project planning—team strategy, milestones, integration points, and implementation specifics
    • Focus on flawless delivery of tailored implementation plan Integration into core systems
    • Exhaustive testing and opportunities for automation

  1. Cloud & DevOps

    Cloud adoption is inevitable for every business that wants to remain relevant and competitive. DevOps creates a collaborative environment between developers and IT for improved efficiency, reduced development lifecycles, and time to market. Combined, these workflows facilitate a seismic change in the cloud development approach

  2. Big Data & Analytics

    Big data is the centerpiece for digital business transformation. It can make customer interaction more impactful, answer critical business questions, as well as highlight areas for cost efficiency and opportunities for growth. Many enterprises are unsure how to harness the power of big data—in fact many are unsure where to begin.

  3. AI & ML

    Processes and operations are becoming smarter, affording businesses the ability to increase both productivity and efficiency. Artificial intelligence (AI), powered by machine learning (ML), makes technology smarter and harder working. It allows businesses to operate quickly, efficiently, and with higher impact—at scale.

  4. IoT

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way the world interacts with itself. Technological solutions that at once seem out of reach are now fast becoming realities. To capitalize on IoT, companies need to invest in application solutions and connected products that enable disruptive, relevant, and frictionless user engagements.

  5. Experience Design

    Bringing a service or product to market starts with an understanding of human experience—the customer experience. What gets their attention? What motivates continuous engagement? What inspires loyalty? Success lies in creating desirable, useful—and sustainable—experiences.

  6. Cybersecurity

    Digital attacks are increasing in sophistication and it is not enough to simply have a static, reactive security system in place. Keeping ahead of threats require proactive monitoring systems, business customization, dynamic processes and constant vigilance.

  7. Blockchain

    Blockchain technology is surpassing simple financial applications, offering operational and cost efficiencies across all industries. This cryptographic nodular record-keeping offers higher security, transparency and independence wherever data is concerned.

  8. Experience Platforms

    SiteCore, Salesforce, Magento. Platforms designed for scalable marketing and sales enablement. Planning and implementation means the difference between increasing your ROI and wasting precious time and resources.

  9. Extended Reality (XR)

    Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) technologies have moved beyond futuristic entertainment and into business-critical applications. Intelligent devices now understand context, monitor physiology, and motivate users to achieve goals and address specific business challenges.

  10. Core services

    Technology opens new doors to customer intimacy, product innovation, and revenue streams. Yet with all the promise of new technologies and their applications, without proper management, technology is just another source of overhead, often creating more work than it’s worth