SoftServe's mission is to enable talented people to change the world

Company Values

Our Company Values define who we are. SoftServe values ecosystem is embodied in our name. Four values are at the core of SoftServe.

"Soft" stands for the main people-oriented values we share, as well as the character traits and interpersonal skills that represent how we interact with each other and with our clients.

  • Synergy
  • Opportunity
  • Fearless
  • Trust
  • The power of collaboration while working towards common goals. We work as a team to build a successful Company. We unite all our efforts to create great solutions. We cooperate day-by-day to reach our common goals. We share knowledge and experience. We support each other as a team and as a family.
  • Personal growth and development enhanced by people-oriented corporate culture. Our desire for professional and personal development never goes away. We strive for making the best of each case. We provide our Clients with opportunities to develop, bring innovations and make a difference. We provide equal (fair and transparent) opportunities for People within the Company.
  • The brave spirit of meeting new challenges and driving change. We perceive challenges as new opportunities for our success. We are eager for disruptive changes that bring innovations. We see changes as opportunities not threats. We believe in our goals, pursue them and achieve them, no matter which obstacles appear along the way. We are willing to speak up for things we care and believe in.
  • The firm belief in integrity, ability, and character. We believe that mutual trust is a foundation of success. We build long-term partnering relationships with our People and our Clients. We foster honesty and openness. Integrity and trustworthiness are essential parts of what we offer to our Clients.

We believe our people are our greatest asset. Our mix of the brightest, most inquiring minds, technical experts, and strategic thinkers allows us to form collaborative relationships with our clients. We fully digest and comprehend their needs and then create the experiences they expect.


By living up to our core values, we ensure great outcomes. "Serve" stands for the core client-oriented values we foster to build sustainable relationships with our clients.
  • 01Solutions
    Innovative ways to meet business needs. We develop innovative products and services creating sustainable infrastructures and promote efficient use of resources.
  • 02Excellence
  • 03Reputation
  • 04Vision
  • 05Experience

Our values ecosystem

At SoftServe, we thrive in the ever-changing environment by creating industry-leading end-to-end solutions to solve a breadth of business problems, systems challenges, and user requirements.
Our values ecosystem