Case StudyApr 09, 2021
Financial Services

Unlock Data Value, Enable Smarter Business Decisions

Cutting-edge business intelligence for C-level management

WhitepaperApr 06, 2021
Financial ServicesSoftware

Driving Innovation in Banking with Public Cloud

Learn how public cloud adoption is revolutionizing the financial services industry.

DemoApr 05, 2021
Energy, Oil & GasSoftware

Salesforce Streamlines Oil & Gas Asset Management

This platform gives oil field operators a single dashboard for overseeing production activities, managing operations, and more.

Case StudyApr 05, 2021

Predict Risk and Lower Costs in Manufacturing

SoftServe’s AI-driven inventory solution lowered operating costs by 50%.

Case StudyApr 02, 2021

E-commerce Point of Sale Solution

Replacing a legacy POS solution to improve sales rep efficiency.

Case StudyApr 01, 2021

Predict Risk, Save Costs

Discover how machine learning solutions can boost your business’s bottom line.

Case StudyMar 30, 2021

Futureproof Your Business with Azure

How do you create an appetite for innovation and serve cloud-based operational efficiency as the main course?

Case StudyMar 30, 2021
Financial ServicesSoftware

Are You Fully Optimizing Your Tech Investments?

Optimizing Azure's extensive resources leads to cost savings.

WebinarMar 25, 2021

Transform Facility Ops with AI

SoftServe and Google experts share how Google’s AI algorithms effectively and efficiently transform documents into structured data, driving cost savings, increased efficiency, and innovation backed by data-based decisions.

WhitepaperMar 24, 2021

Manufacturing Modernization: Unlocking Actionable Insights

Learn how integrated data gives manufacturers the foundation for insights that power data-driven decisions.