By Kris KosykMar 25, 2020
Software Development

Remote Workshops in the Digital Age

Ensure the right culture, collaboration, and leadership in times of change.

By Andriy Struk, Rodion ShkrobotMar 24, 2020
Energy, Oil & GasIoT, XR, Robotics, AI & ML

Freeing Seismic Data for Machine Learning with OSDU Platform

How OSDU is developing the platform standard for Oil and Gas.

By Andriy BenchMar 24, 2020

Approaches to Human Activity Recognition

Using Human Activity Recognition (HAR) for human sensing recognition.

By Oleksandr Gurbych, Max DruchokMar 23, 2020

Protein-Peptide Docking

Learn more about our end-to-end molecular docking pipeline that combines deep learning and DFT approaches to predict protein-peptide docking.

By Ihor Kopaniev, Andriy StrukMar 18, 2020
Data & Analytics

Reduce Noise in Seismic Data

A closer look at seismic data noise detection, in-painting, and removal.

By Volodymyr DavydenkoMar 16, 2020
Cloud & DevOpsSoftware Development

The Case for Anthos

Why SoftServe empowered the first Anthos project in North America.

By Olha HrytsayMar 16, 2020
IoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLR&D

SoftServe and CTU-UPENN-NYU Team #1 in MBZIRC 2020 Robotics Challenge

SoftServe and CTU-UPENN-NYU won top scores in multiple categories in the MBZIRC international robotics challenge.

By Chuck RosMar 11, 2020

US Health Tech 2020

A vision for healthcare in America in 2020 and beyond

By Ihor ShkarupaFeb 25, 2020
Data & AnalyticsFinancial Services

Connecting Data to Improve Financial Services

The future of financial services relies on applying data capturing, data analysis, and data ingestion to a centralized system.

By Yaroslav KlochnykJan 30, 2020
DXPSoftware Development

The Benefits of Integration Platforms

Dive deeper into Integration Platforms (iPaaS), their capabilities, and advantages over existing implementation approaches.