IT Education

Today, both national and private educational systems are challenged by rapid technological development and the need to adapt. How can we design educational programs at schools, universities, and companies to catch up with the latest tech trends and win competition in a global market? One of the biggest IT companies in Ukraine and a major employer in its regions of operation, SoftServe is working consistently to address this problem at the national, local, and corporate levels.
  • University Programs

    Advancing IT education is one of the top CSR areas for SoftServe. We believe, high quality education fuels the growth of IT industry and its specialists. We partner with the government, industry organizations, and educational institutions to improve IT education at large scale.

  • Tickets for Students
    Running a huge number of conferences, meet-ups, workshops is another way to enhance IT knowledge nationwide. Making a step further, SoftServe discounts fees for all of its external educational events by 90% for university students. This enables them to meet and learn from mature tech experts and industry leaders as well as have a smoother career start.

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  • Computers for Schools

    Proper computerization of public and educational organizations is necessary to digitalize at local and state levels. Unfortunately, many institutions suffer from insufficient or outdated computer equipment.

    To overcome this challenge, in 2009, SoftServe partnered with schools, universities, hospitals, and other social institutions and donated around 3,000 units of computer equipment ever since.

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  • IT Academy

    SoftServe IT Academy is a powerful educational platform for 3-5 year university students and graduates to improve technical skills in IT. Taking a short term (2-4 months) course, they work in teams on theoretical and practical challenges and earn one of IT specialties afterwards.

    Academy’s trainings are both free and paid:

    Free courses are designed for those who already have basic technical knowledge. Having finished our free courses, the most talented graduates get a job offer. Paid courses are for beginners and those willing to switch to IT industry.

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