Tech Talks with NVIDIA and SoftServe: Customer Outcomes and Generative AI in Retail


Digital Event


3:00 PM CET


Join SoftServe and NVIDIA for an interactive webinar discuss how you can use generative AI and large language models to boost retail customer satisfaction and drive higher sales volumes.

SoftServe’s NVIDIA Partnership Technical Lead Igor Isupov and AI/ML Product Lead Maria Mikolajczak, and Oleksandr Yavlinsky, SoftServe’s Retail and Supply Chain Lead, will be joined by Adam Czekalowski, NVIDIA’s AI Senior Developer Relations Manager in EMEA.

Together they will discuss how large language models have raised the bar for customer outcomes by introducing new tools for enterprise including:

  • Virtual assistants to automate and personalize customer assistance
  • Personalized product recommendations based on consumers’ purchase history
  • Virtual try-on services to make it easier for customers to test out products before purchase

Don’t miss out on this first installment of SoftServe and NVIDIA’s joint webinar series, Tech Talks. Learn how SoftServe can help you implement NVIDIA’s technology to create business value and why we were named NVIDIA’s Outstanding Impact Partner in EMEA.

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