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+100 ambulances for the frontline to be donated by SoftServe


LVIV, Ukraine (July 13, 2023) - SoftServe's Open Eyes charity fund will purchase and send 100 ambulances to the front line, in addition to the 123 already donated vehicles. The "Drive for Life.+100" charity project was announced on the company's 30th anniversary.

During the year of the war, Russians destroyed 250 ambulances, damaged 103, and stole another 125, according to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine . To promptly replenish the fleet of emergency vehicles at the front, Ukraine engages partners and international organizations to help. Ukrainian business is also not standing aside from the needs of the defenders.

"Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the fund has delivered 123 ambulances and medical evacuation vehicles to the frontline, which helped to provide assistance and transport more than 5,000 victims. We continue to devote our resources to help medics do their job," commented Taras Vervega, SoftServe co-founder and Chairman of the Open Eyes Charitable Fund.

The project has already begun with purchasing four ambulances abroad, which are currently being refurbished and will soon be sent to the hottest areas of the frontline. Before transportation, the vehicles undergo a technical inspection and are equipped with the necessary medical equipment and medicines needed to save lives. The fund works directly with more than 70 medical units, which allows it to clearly understand and respond to the needs of medical professionals.

"The work of a medic at the front goes on around the clock, and it is not only about medical care for the defenders but also for civilians. In the de-occupied and frontline areas, the hospital infrastructure is often destroyed, so equipped ambulances allow not only to save the wounded, but I know cases when they are used to quickly transport women in labor or people with severe symptoms to the nearest hospital," says military doctor Ivan Kondratenko, with whom the foundation has been cooperating for more than a year.

The company will allocate more than UAH 45 million to purchase ambulances, and another part of the funds will be raised through donations from employees, clients and partners, and all concerned. This year, the company is scaling up the project, involving employees in all locations—from Mexico to Singapore, from the United States to the United Arab Emirates.

Last year, on the occasion of the 29th anniversary, SoftServe announced the purchase of 29 ambulances for the frontline. As a result, the funds raised allowed it to purchase and transfer 71 ambulances and 52 medical evacuation vehicles and fill them with the necessary equipment.

Since February 24, 2022, SoftServe has donated about UAH 650 million to help Ukraine. A significant portion of this amount was spent on projects of the corporate charity foundation Open Eyes, which has been helping Ukrainian defenders since 2014. Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the foundation has purchased and donated more than 512 tons of humanitarian aid, more than 30,000 packages of medicines, and 8,779 pieces of computer equipment, and provided 22,617 pieces of personal protective equipment for those defending the country.

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