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SoftServe Colombia and Ruta N trained 100+ Colombian educators


BOGOTA, Colombia (December 1st, 2023) - SoftServe together with Ruta N (Medellín-based centre for advancing science, technology and innovation) successfully completed the Tech Connect Educators Workshop, a free course in which more than 100 Colombian teachers from 38 universities and educational institutions in the country were trained in artificial intelligence, Big Data, DevOps and Omniverse for four weeks.

This course, which was held virtually, was given to teachers from universities and colleges such as Universidad EAFIT, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Universidad del Norte, Universidad Popular del Cesar, Universidad Simón Bolívar, Politécnico Grancolombiano, UNAD, ITM, Institución Universitaria Salazar y Herrera, Colegio Pinares Altoverde, Institución Educativa Marco Tobón Mejía, Colegio Camilo Torres, among many others. This space will allow teachers to replicate what they have learned in the classroom and prepare their students in skills that are in demand in the working world today, as these technologies in particular are being widely adopted in the world, and companies in all sectors are looking for professionals with knowledge in them to improve their processes.

"On talent matters, professionals with skills in Big Data, Omniverse, DevOps and Artificial Intelligence have great value in the labor market. The demand for these profiles is on the rise, creating new career opportunities for university graduates. In that sense, staying current allows educators to offer their students relevant educational content applicable to the demands of today's job market, preparing them for successful careers, and equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to face the technological challenges in their future professional roles," explained John Howard, Vice President and Country Manager of SoftServe Colombia.

In addition to this, educators not only acquired new knowledge, but also identified elements of application in the classroom to develop skills focused on critical and computational thinking, creativity and problem solving using these technologies.

"As key players in the IT sector, we offer alternative solutions to the talent need of many Colombians to be trained in technological competencies and skills. On this occasion, more than 100 university and college teachers successfully completed this course", said Howard.


The course was taught by Luis Vásquez, Miguel Teheran, Pablo Del Pino and Leon Jaramillo, professionals with more than 12 years of experience and experts in Big Data, artificial intelligence, DevOps and Omniverse, respectively. In addition to working at SoftServe, those in charge of teaching this course are also professors at the National University of Colombia, University of Antioquia, EAFIT University and the online education platform, Platzi.

Ruta N, who was SoftServe’s ally to conduct the course, added: “Conducting workshops in Big Data, AI, Omniverse and DevOps organized by SoftServe, aimed at teachers, offered an experience that facilitated knowledge transfer. This initiative brought teachers closer to the use and implementation of the latest technologies, tools, processes and methodologies currently adopted in the global tech industry for the development of digital products and services. whereas a teacher directly impacts thousands of students throughout his or her career, the transmission of knowledge not only enriches educational work but also enables systemic development in the social economic, educational and business spheres for the city and the country".

Educators who completed the course added: "We appreciate the commitment to the dissemination of knowledge that the leaders shared with us, these spaces are very interesting to give us feedback on what happens in organizations at the level of technology. We emphasize that the topics are very accurate, they are concepts in trend and indispensable today, so we believe that it contributes to our role in the educational process".



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