SoftServe Engineers Win One Of TIDE NATO Hackathon 2023 Challenges

The TIDE NATO Hackathon is part of a series of events to improve interoperability between NATO and Allies by searching for innovative solutions and approaches.

The annual TIDE NATO Hackathon 2023 has ended in Poland, with more than a hundred participants from different countries. The team of Ukrainian engineers from the global IT company SoftServe won one of the challenges with a solution that can help NATO and partner countries better interact with each other in the fight against a common enemy.

The TIDE NATO Hackathon is part of a series of events to improve interoperability between NATO and Allies by searching for innovative solutions and approaches. During the hackathon, teams compete in proposed challenges. This year, there were three challenges: Disinformation Analyser, Small UAV Visual Navigation Conceptards, and Analytics Dashboard for Interoperability, which SoftServe engineers joined. The teams had to create creative and interactive graphics for NATO's CWIX multinational exercise, where allied IT systems interoperability is tested, and develop KPIs that would show how successful the exercise was compared to previous years.

Ukrainian engineers analyzed in detail both the advantages and disadvantages of the exercise. Based on this, they not only generated performance indicators but also developed recommendations on how to improve the CWIX efficiency and proposed a solution that would help to quickly identify gaps that hinder the success of the exercise and eliminate them.

"Our team, as well as SoftServe, have been helping Ukrainian defenders with various IT solutions since the beginning of the full-scale war. The hackathon has become a great platform for new ideas that will help fight the real challenges faced by NATO and Ukraine in the war against Russia. This experience has been extremely useful for our team, and we will continue to help the Armed Forces with innovative solutions for a common victory over the enemy," comments Taras Kloba, team leader, Big Data Competence Manager at SoftServe.

The winners of the challenges will present their solutions at the Spring 2023 TIDE Sprint to be held in Norway in April. This is a key platform in NATO's series of interoperability events, which brings together experts, scientists and developers from different countries, including Ukraine, and exchanges experience and knowledge to promote innovation and technological change in the Alliance. Subsequently, the solutions of Ukrainian engineers can be tested during the CWIX exercise.

In total, more than 100 participants from 26 teams from Lithuania, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Norway, Ukraine, Romania, the United States, France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom competed in the winter NATO TIDE Hackathon. In addition to SoftServe engineers, Ukraine was represented by two other winners of the National Defense Hackathon from the public sector - the "C.O.P." cyber police team and the "ДДК ДССЗЗІ."

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