A Closer Look at Biometric Identification

By Taras Kurnyts'kyi & Vladyslav Tsybul’nyk

The human body has many unique features that allow it to identify someone. These features represent so-called ‘inherence factors’, which look at what exactly a user is and what they do. This approach is supported by the rapidly popular and accepted method of identification, known as biometric identification.

Biometric identification is expected to gradually replace traditional methods of identification, such as human based knowledge (i.e. what the user knows. For example, PIN codes, and/or passwords etc.), and ownership (i.e. what the user has got. For example, keys and/or credit cards etc.).


This paper provides a detailed look at the foundations of the various methods associated with biometric identification. These methods, such as finger vein imagery, bioimpedance, and ECG (electrocardiogram), are predicted to be better, faster, safer, and more cost effective solutions than other methods of identification, such as swipe cards and PINs. This whitepaper focuses on biometric identification as a service.

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