Anthos & Automation for Healthcare

Our client received a security-focused, consistent foundation to deliver applications anywhere, with full-stack automated operations and streamlined developer workflows.

This was the case with our client, a US-based healthcare company that provides kidney dialysis services. They sought a more reliable and cost-effective application hosting platform. Additionally, this company had been seeking another vendor as the previous agreement was expiring.

Our client approached Google to consult on available solutions. It was at this moment that Google recommended to partner with SoftServe to address this need, and delivering Anthos for optimization, automation, and application modernization. In 2020, SoftServe achieved the Anthos: Hybrid/Multi-Cloud App Platform Expertise as part of the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. This expertise affirms that SoftServe has the experience and technical acumen to accelerate a client’s enterprise digital journey by modernizing existing applications and building cloudnative applications with Anthos. With a dedicated team of Anthos-trained and solutions-ready engineers serving the US and EMEA, SoftServe has an extensive history with Istios and 25+ projects delivered to date.

Our experts faced a challenge in providing a managing solution for the traditional workloads as well as a modern GPU-based workload used by the client’s data science team in on-premises data centers and enabling smart usage of GPU workloads in the new solution.

SoftServe’s approach had multiple phases.

The first step was a discovery phase where SoftServe experts needed to assess the client’s current infrastructure and provide technical advisory services for the future solution. The existing infrastructure was built in Docker, which influenced the increase in the client’s operational expenses. After careful deliberation, our team proposed the usage of Google Anthos to incorporate both on-premise and cloud environments. After analysis and evaluation, SoftServe built a well-thought-out implementation strategy.

During the implementation phase, our team

  • Configured Anthos and started the application migration from Docker that resulted in significant reduction of operational expenses.
  • Optimized graphic processing units (GPUs)
  • Workload management—compared to on-premises GPUs used by client’s data science team. This reduced costs for ML-based workloads and boosted the speed of new projects onboarding.
  • Integrated a unified management and deployment CD (Continuous Delivery) process with the GitOps approach to make sure the workloads correctly migrate between environments. This resulted in increased productivity, enhanced developer experience, and stronger security guarantees.
  • Implemented a multi-datacenter globalload balancing system based on Citrix ADC and Citrix in REST controllers that improved stability and reliability in modernizing the application.
  • Set up a reliable and robust monitoring and alerting system to provide management and control of the entire infrastructure. This helped reduce timeto-response on incidents, improved the end-user experience, allowed for more proactive response to changes, and optimized costs to increase ROI.

Not only did SoftServe’s team configure and set up Anthos, but we also developed an innovative solution to automatically manage the GPU workloads in the datacenters. Since Anthos didn’t have a solution for this challenge and wasn’t yet compatible with GPU workloads, and the process of managing these workloads was entirely manual, our experts created their own innovative solution. The team implemented an automated integration of Anthos with GPUs on VMware, which allowed for full control and management of the workloads.



  • Python
  • GoLang
  • Operator SDK


  • Citrix
  • Anthos
  • ELK
  • VmWare
  • ROS

Tool set:

  • Jenkins
  • FluxCD
  • Helm
  • Terraform

Tool set:

  • OPA
  • Gatekeeper

By partnering with Google and SoftServe, the client was able to:

  • Receive a security-focused and consistent foundation to deliver applications anywhere, with full-stack automated operations and streamlined developer workflows.
  • Establish a simplified onboarding process for all new applications, reduced operating expenses, and increased developer productivity.
  • Get a significantly improved Anthos setup that fostered the product’s resilience, reliability, security, and flexibility.

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