Connected Healthcare App for Outcomes Based Healthcare (OBH)

Outcomes Based Healthcare (OBH) is one of a growing number of companies helping to revolutionize incentive models for healthcare providers. OBH are a team of health outcomes data specialists including clinicians, developers, data scientists, NHS data analysts, economists, and product specialists.

Business Challenge

The company wanted to create an app, OBH Sense 360, that could harvest data from the sensors that are already integrated into smartphones. We know that people use their smartphones differently when they are sick or unhappy, so the OBH team wanted to see if they could capture how people use their phones, and correlate that with their outcomes.

Project Description

SoftServe was selected by OBH for its reputation for having extensive research capacity, as well as experience with complex p rojects that require both deep technical expertise and creativity. SoftServe started the build for the front and back end of a native Android application that could both improve the collection of PRO data through a well-designed, usable interface, and also gather large volumes of unstructured sensor data passively in the background.

Value Delivered

“We knew that we needed a very experienced and strong team of technology experts, who are both analytical and innovative. We were happy to find this partnership with SoftServe,” explained Dr. Nasrin Hafezparast, CTO and Co-Founder OBH. “SoftServe’s active participation and partnership approach towards this project, whereby OBH supported SoftServe’s technical delivery with specifications and research on outcomes measurement, has made the difference between an app which merely ‘does the job’, and one which is able to be sustainably deployed as a routine health tracking innovation.”

The OBH Sense360 project is currently a research project, but the future of outcomes based commissioning depends on finding a scalable, reliable and reproducible method of measuring outcomes that requires minimum user input. On an industry level it could revolutionise and accelerate the transition to value based healthcare, and for OBH it would provide an additional scalable source of revenue and position them as a leader in the industry.

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