Application for Cytogenetics Labs

Our client, Clarient, is a leading US provider of cancer diagnostic services ranging from technical laboratory services to cellular assessment and cancer characterization to professional interpretation of test results and therapy selection.

Business Challenge

Clarient was planning a deployment of a new laboratory department to perform cytogenetic karyotyping. SoftServe was asked to implement an innovative solution that would support processes in this newly launched in-house cytogenetics laboratory. The important features implemented into the application included:

  • Detailed workflow tracking
  • Fine gra ined data management
  • Chain of custody for specimen and materials tracking

Project Description

The project was implemented in seven iterations. Each iteration included two Quality Assurance (QA) cycles: the first one performed by the SoftServe team and the second one by the client’s QA team. The deliverables of each iteration were deployed into the production environment.

Value Delivered

The application for cytogenetics laboratory delivered by SoftServe provided an effective support for business processes and procedures used by cytogenetics department of the Clarient’s laboratory:

  • Automated data management and workflow tracking
  • Robust and reliable tracking for specimens and other artifacts created during the testing process.

The software development process proposed and delivered by SoftServe allowed Clarient to minimize the application’s time-to-market and ensure fast turn-around times for issues reported by the end users.

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