Digital Survey for a Leading Smart Home Technology Provider

Our client is a leading smart home technology provider that offers home security, energy management, home automation, local cloud storage, and high-speed internet throughout the United States and Canada.

Business Challenge

When a sale is made by our client’s representatives, customers are required to take a short survey to ensure contract conditions are clear (Pre-Install Survey) and if the service/installation was satisfactory (Post-Install Survey). Such surveys were conducted via a call center, however to reduce the required human interaction and provide a consistent customer experience, our client sought to implement a digital survey solution.

Project Description

During the discovery phase, SoftServe analyzed the client’s current state and business challenges to be addressed before a suitable solution was identified. Aligned with the client's business needs, future solution functionality, UX/UI, and technology vison for a digital survey system was developed.

Additionally, our client’s survey configuration was performed via Qualtrics, which charged for license and each survey execution. To optimize costs an open source survey engine was integrated and customized to cover requirements.

The solution comprises the following modules:

  • Execution module - to conduct a digital survey on an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) it must be an iOS native application. This would allow account creation operators to conduct surveys via the call. SoftServe developed the web interface to support this.
  • Configuration module - to create and manage surveys, track versions and history of changes. All the data and artifacts of previous surveys will be available there. The configuration module is web-based.

Based on our client’s business needs, the value for end-users, and technical implementation efforts, the solution scope was proposed to be implemented in following phases:

  • Phase 0 (MVP) – Core functionality for survey execution via the mobile app by client representatives. Survey configuration would remain in Qualtrics.
  • Phase 1 – Core functionality for survey configuration via the configuration tool (back office) by survey admin.
  • Phases 2-4 – Advanced functionality for both modules of the survey solution.

Value Delivered

Or client shifted from a costly legacy tool with regard to licensing and maintenance, for a digital survey solution that was built on its proprietary platform. This allowed for to less human involvement and reduced cost and time. It was the first project to adhere to internal technical framework standards.

Our client successfully used the application to survey over 130 individual customers. Feedback has been extremely positive, and the full roll out will equate decreased work order, sales call duration, and save our client around $3M per year in costs incurred from its previous survey management and oversight.

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