Easily Manage and Orchestrate Data across Applications with Dell Boomi

With companies looking for efficient solutions to manage workforce information across dozens of apps, the need for data integration between various HCM (Human Capital Management) systems has never been more apparent. A single organization can use a range of HCM tools to manage diverse employee data (payroll, personal, employment history, or career paths) in a fast and automated fashion, without moving between environments.

Here is how we’ve empowered our client — a leading provider of workforce and human capital management cloud solutions —to unlock this possibility for its partners.

The company serves tens of thousands of organizations—including half of the Fortune 1,000. It provides effective solutions and tools required to create a workplace experience that powers productivity and enables efficiency. The main features of the product are working with big data and servicing huge corporations. These services include writing integration and migration packages.

Our client was planning a new product launch — optimized for PaaS offering and built on a modern technology stack. To support this release, the company decided to build its new product integration layer using Dell Boomi—a rising platform for managing, governing, and orchestrating data across applications in the cloud. Boomi introduced technology that allowed the users to build and deploy integration processes using a visual interface and a drag-and-drop technique. This allows the implementation of complex integration solutions in a relatively short period of time.

As the niche was new and the talent pool was small, our client required expert guidance and support to ensure successful implementation.

SoftServe started its cooperation as an independent iPaaS partner. We were the first to start working with a new business unit acquired by Dell that specializes in cloud-based integration, API management, and Master Data Management (MDM).

Master Data Management (MDM)

After the initial successfully completed integration PoC for the client, our partnership grew both as a trusted technology advisor and implementation partner. Our team generated blueprints to ensure standardized integration flows as well as fully custom advanced development solutions for the client’s partners and vendors using Dell Boomi Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS).

Those solutions were used to transform and transfer big amounts of data between different platforms/systems including SuccessFactors, Workday, Health Care, and Human Capital Management systems.

As we played an important role in all integration processes and worked as integration consulting partners, the client trusted us as a key member of their team.

For every integration, SoftServe conducted an in-depth requirements analysis to identify which data elements should be exported from the source system and how they should be mapped to the target system.

Our team created systems that synchronized enterprise system data and several disparate human capital management (HCM) systems. The synchronization was designed and implemented using an event-driven, near-real-time approach. Our integration solutions responded to various events in different systems and those events triggered integration and eventually data synchronization.

As a result, SoftServe successfully delivered more than 200 different integration solutions (including data import/export/transformation, migration packs) for client partners— huge HCM, warehouse, and healthcare corporations.

This allowed us to realize the cloud’s broader benefits including scalability while reducing capital expenditure and lead times with on-demand availability of resources.

The value delivered included:

  • Deployed over 200 complex and highly customized integrations
  • Ensured ongoing delivery with product rollout pipelines
  • Reduced time-to-market and implementation complexity
  • Empowered the client to engage more partners and hence increase profitability
  • Provided consulting and L4 support services for client’s vendors/partners

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