Financial Services

ECG-verified Payments

What if you could use a smarter and secure way to perform a core banking operation without the need of carrying cash, a credit card, or even a smartphone?

Maybe you are looking to sign up to open a mobile bank account using an interactive device and want to get verified securely?

Well, SoftServe’s Financial Services Lab and the R&D team have made electrocardiogram (ECG)-verified payments solution a certain reality, allowing customers to easily manage their day-to-day financial and shopping activities. The technology behind the solution analyzes characteristics of the human body to authenticate the person using ECG signals. Our R&D team has successfully minimized a huge clinical application, enabling you to comfortably wear and use the wristband on-the-go.

As consumers are asking for a more convenient and immersive experience from their financial institutions, it is becoming evident from research data that there is a steady rise in the use of safer ways to do banking, even more so in the FinTech industry.

As shown in the image below, ECG verification proves to overcome eight of the most common authentication issues, making the technology a very reliable and secure way to do banking. In combination with other types of bio-authentication, such as fingerprints or facial recognition, ECG verification provides an outstanding level of accuracy when carrying out digital wallet authentication.



Within financial services, this innovative technology is specifically aimed for FinTechs, for which it provides a highly secure level of world-class customer experience using a two-factor authentication. The technology can also be applied in other sub-segments of financial services, specifically for wealth management when combined with AI and ML algorithms to enable for accurate investment decision-making.


Retail–instant and secure payment processes for shoppers, including a high-level of security for physical access to the premises

Healthcare–track and analyze the status of individual health and constantly inform healthcare professionals


Financial Budget Planning, Wealth Management, Purchases, Retail Payment Operations