Futureproof Your Business with Azure

An enterprise’s longevity requires the ability to analyze market trends, reduce the time-to-market for a new product or service, and migrate to the cloud.

Our client—an international quick-service restaurant chain—needed a secure and scalable cloud-based data warehouse to transform the operations for their 6,000+ restaurant locations.

SoftServe’s mission? Provide a scalable, cost-effective solution and deliver it with Microsoft Azure. It had to avoid extensive disruption and minimize the manual effort to implement an entire environment on-demand.

SoftServe succeeded by adopting the Infrastructure as Code approach across the entire project. Each component or environment change was automatically tested before being evaluated in the code review process.

cloud in banking

This expanded our client’s DevOps capabilities, while giving them complete visibility into every phase of this project.

By using Microsoft Azure to build a cloudbased data warehouse, our client now:

  • Accommodates growth on-demand with auto-scaling
  • Stays connected with on-prem environments
  • Ensures sensitive data transmitted via the internet is secure using virtual network integration, service endpoints, and whitelisting
  • Complies with international security solution standards

Looking for a scalable, flexible, and cost-effective way to evaluate market trends and speed up your time to market?

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