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Improve Customer Support by Optimizing Salesforce Service Cloud

You’re leaving money on the table and losing out on increased business success when not fully utilizing Salesforce’s functionalities.

Though our client—a US-based financial services tech company providing brokerage, investment banking, and advisement—saw benefits from the Salesforce Platform, they were still missing out on critical Service Cloud optimizations.

One major issue was that their Service Cloud integration with the CTI was solely used as a call center. It led to fragmented information between various support communication channels.

Creating meaningful resolutions for customers was also hindered by a lack of crucial analytics. The support team could not fully understand issues at the individual or company level.

Facing these compounding problems, this client came to SoftServe to redesign and implement enhancements to their current Service Cloud.


Our team of experts quickly ascertained that an automated workflow and a properly configured and customized Salesforce Platform could provide the client with:

  • Intelligent case routing with omnichannel communication to all involved parties.
  • Customized case escalations, allowing customer support to manage cases quickly and efficiently.
  • A centralized Service Cloud console which provides analytics and work on a single screen.
  • Streamlined end-to-end case management, from creation and prioritization to assignment, escalation, reassignment, and closure.

Our client saw a clear and immediate improvement in customer support functionality as soon as the SoftServe team of experts redesigned and implemented the Service Cloud enhancements.

Creating a seamless omnichannel user experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile meant customers and support staff could better understand and resolve issues.

Integrating an automated and well-structured customer service system decreased the amount of manual work required. It freed the support team to focus on other service needs. The Service Cloud console enhanced this focus, which improves the quality of customer analytics, giving team members a 360-degree view.

Finally, the flexible mechanisms for case capturing—whether from a customer’s website, email, or directly in the Salesforce Platform—increased the speed of identifying issues and finding resolutions.

An overhaul of the client’s Service Cloud to take full advantage of Salesforce functionalities and enhancements delivered a transformative customer support solution.

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