Language Learning Application Design for Vista Higher Learning

Independent, specialized, and privately owned, Vista Higher Learning (VHL) was founded in 2000, as a publisher focused exclusively on world languages instructional materials. VHL’s main goal is to provide students with the tools necessary for achieving success in languages learning, both inside and outside the classroom. VHL’s mission is to create superior quality language programs that boldly integrate text, technology, and media.

Business Challenge

To encourage more users to learn languages through their products, Vista Higher Learning decided to iteratively transfer features of their main Web product to mobile and create a language learning application supported on both iOS and Android.

Project Description

Within a 6-month project divided into three stages SoftServe’s team of 2 iOS and 2 Android developers, as well as a Quality Control engineer and a Project Manager accomplished the following:

  • Stage 1.Refactoring and optimization of the existing iOS app code base; implementing tweaks to UX.
  • Stage 2. Building Android app from scratch (with functionality identical to iOS).
  • Stage 3.Reworking both iOS and Android apps to support bookshelf approach, i.e. when every book and every particular lesson within a book can be downloaded independently from the rest of the content.

The collaborative SoftServe`s and VHL`s teams accomplished the following:

  • Divided the application features into two groups: functional units and content.
  • Enabled the application in both online and offline modes.
  • Developed and implemented an intuitive design taking into account the iOS User Interface guidelines and standards, as well as UI/UX expertise of the client’s designer team.
  • Added the ability to share users’ achievements with their friends via Social Media.

Value Delivered

With vast expertise in mobile apps development, SoftServe designed multifunctional and fully tested mobile iOS and Android applications with user friendly and intuitive interface from scratch. Another benefit for Vista Higher Learning is application’s scalability and the content update approach that facilitates easy expansion with minimum intervention in the core application logic.

“When our customers asked us to deliver learning products on mobile devices, we turned to our trusted partner, SoftServe. SoftServe worked closely with us to deliver mobile learning applications that satisfy Vista Higher Learning’s rigorous quality standards.” Kurt Gerdenich, SVP, Technology, Vista Higher Learning

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